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Pig Movements, Licences & Standstills

Usual pig movements take place under a General Licence; however, important movement standstill rules apply.  Once pigs  move onto a premise they automatically trigger a 20 day standstill period for any pigs, and 6 days for any sheep, cattle or goats residing on that premise.  Likewise, if cattle, sheep or goats are moved onto premises they in turn will trigger a 6 day standstill on any pigs on that premise.  The standstill period is intended to prevent disease spread and acts as an incubation period during which time any new diseases should become apparent (DEFRA 2007).

During a standstill period no animals may move off the farm at all - however, there are important exceptions, the main ones being movements off direct to slaughter, or where holdings are linked together in a pig pyramid granted exemption under Article 14 (3) of PRIMO 2007 (DEFRA 2007).

Full guidelines on all permitted movements, licences, standstill rules and exemptions are available on the DEFRA website.

(Exemption from a standstill is also possible if premises are linked by a SOA (Sole Occupancy Authority), but from 1st July 2012 no new SOA licences will be permitted).

[While this is our understanding of the current situation we can take no responsiblity for the interpretation of DEFRA legislation.  This is also subject to change at short notice so we would always recommend looking at the DEFRA website].


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Pig Movements, Licences & Standstills