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Would you like to join our Pig Clubs

Garth Pig Practice has established two very successful Pig Clubs that meet on a quarterely basis in the York and Thirsk areas.

The purpose of these clubs are to provide a forum for pig farmers to share ideas and experiences - discussing things that have been successful or otherwise with a focus on health issues. Of course a good social night out is another major bonus! 

All meeting costs are covered and refreshments are provided - everyone is welcome.

Garth Pig Club North meets at The Lamb Inn, Rainton, as follows:

9th October

13th November

18th December

2nd January

30th March

21st April

Garth Pig Club East meets, 6pm at The Driffield Rugby Club,as follows:

6th October

10th November

15th December

6th February

13th March

9th May

For further details please contact Ian Carroll or Rachel Wilkinson on 01262 488323.


Why not join us to share your ideas and experiences