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British Pig Health Scheme

The British Pig Health Scheme is a component of the health and welfare strategy using specialist pig vets to assess a range of health conditions in pigs slaughtered in assured/specialist abattoirs around the country. 

Garth Pig Practice is part of Vetscore Ltd, a team of pig specialist vets trained to a standard level. They monitor and gather carcass and pluck information which is recorded on hand held computers and verified by SAC.  Participating members receive reports on their herd health, useful for improving production and reducing costs.  Information is gathered on: EP-like lesions, peritonitis, APP like lesions, milk spot, pleurisy, hepatic scarring, pericarditis, papular dermatitis, pyaemia, tail biting. 

For further information please contact Ian Carroll at the practice or visit the BPEX website:


Snapshot of  your herd health